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Common Eye Conditions Treated


Dr. Cordelia Chan discusses the causes and treatment of floaters and flashes and describes what to expect during an eye examination of the symptoms.


Dr. Cordelia Chan describes the different types of glaucoma and how they are detected, diagnosed and treated. Details on the various glaucoma medications, laser surgery and surgery for glaucoma are explained, including the importance of patient co-operation and compliance to treatment.‬


Dr. Cordelia Chan touches on Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and describes its symptoms and treatment.


Dr. Cordelia Chan discusses in detail the causes and treatment of pterygium, including the potential side-effects of pterygium surgery. Dr. Chan also emphasizes the importance of the skill and experience of the surgeon in preventing pterygium recurrence.


Retinal detachment and vitreoretinal surgery are discussed in detail here by Dr. Cordelia Chan.


Dr. Cordelia Chan discusses strabismus and its management and touches on amblyopia (“lazy” eye), and pseudo-strabismus.


The symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of the different types of uveitis are covered here by Dr. Cordelia Chan.

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